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OCRRA is known for recycling, but we support Onondaga County in so many other ways. From waste-to-energy to composting, our solutions are socially, economically and environmentally sound.

With your help, we’re turning our community – and our world – into a healthier, more sustainable place to live.

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What Goes in Your Recycling Bin?

Learn which items go in your recycling bin and which go in the trash with a group of helpful – and not so helpful – characters. Find more videos with our googly-eyed friends in our Recycling Tips playlist on YouTube.

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Pop Quiz!

How much do you know about Onondaga County’s recycling rules? Are you a gold star recycler, a wishcycler or a contaminator? When the wrong items are put in your curbside recycling bin, they contaminate good recyclables and ultimately increase recycling costs. By following OCRRA’s guidelines you can reduce costly contamination.…

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PDF Recycling Rules

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Trash in Onondaga County takes a somewhat different journey than trash in most U.S. communities. Instead of going right to a landfill, most of our community’s trash is sent to the local Waste-to-Energy Facility, where it is turned into enough electricity to power 30,000 households a year. This reduces the…

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Not All Plastics Are Recyclable

Just because it’s made of plastic or has a recycling symbol on it doesn’t mean it can go in your recycling bin.

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Household Toxics

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Household Toxics Disposal

Take advantage of OCRRA’s free, year-round household hazardous waste program open to residents in Onondaga County, NY.

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Household Toxics

If you only have items on the household toxics list, make a free drop-off appointment through OCRRA to bring them to Miller Environmental (off Hiawatha Blvd.). You’ll receive instructions in your appointment confirmation email on how to prepare your items and where to bring them.

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Schedule a Drop-Off Appointment

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By creating compost and mulch, OCRRA reuses millions of pounds of food scraps and yard waste to benefit soil in gardens and landscapes across Onondaga County. By growing food, composting the scraps, and using compost to support the growth of new food – we are creating a circular system with…

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Amboy Compost Facility

OCRRA’s Amboy Compost Facility is the largest municipal yard waste and food scrap composting facility in New York State!

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OCRRA Locations

Rock Cut Road

Trash & Recycling

5808 Rock Cut Road Jamesville, NY 13078

Compost & Mulch

6296 Airport Road Camillus, NY 13209

Compost & Mulch

4370 Route 91 Jamesville, NY 13078
Ley Creek

Trash & Recycling

5158 Ley Creek Drive Liverpool, NY 13088